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Posted by fireblade64 Message # 1     Posted at February 24, 2013, 10:01 am,     subject: Live Radio Liste  
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Mir ist aufgefallen das sehr viele Sender in der Liste nicht mehr funktionieren.
Auch sind sehr viele Sender doppelt und dreifach.
Das antesten bzw. abspielen der Sender funktioniert auch nicht.
Das macht das zusammenstellen der Favoriten sehr mühsam, man muss praktisch alle sender auswählen und am Gerät erst testen ob diese überhaupt noch aktuell sind.
Im großen und ganzem ist die Live Radio liste die reinste Katastrophe.
Kann man nicht mehr eine Text Datei in den speicher des Players laden mit eigenen Streams wie das mit der Original Firware ging?
Eine sortierung der Sender wehre auch wünschenswert.

Ich (bin Webentwickler) finde auch die Webseite für heutige verhältnisse die reinste Katastrophe.

Die Firmware ist Spitze, aber der rest zum verzweifeln.

Ich würde mich bereit erklären die Webseite mal auf vordermann zu bringen.
Posted by penbex Message # 2     Posted at February 24, 2013, 10:33 am,     subject: Live Radio Liste  
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To start with, keeping the links up-to-date is a community effort.
I do the best I can to update links every now and then.. but at the moment most of my time is spend on improving the firmware.
If everyone helps with just the few stations they like to keep these working, the database will get better for all.
For some countries this already works really well. For some other countries it does not..
Perhaps it is an idea to have country "managers" or "section" managers.
Keeping 50.000+ streams working on your own is too much, but doing only a few should not take too much time and still keep it fun.

I recently have made some server side code to automatically test streams and remove dead ones. This is like a robot that checks the database contents.
Since this gives a bit of traffic and costs time to run it will take a while before all streams are checked.
Also there were some stream types that are not yet handled by the script.. I am working on imrpoving this.

Knowing our database is good but not great, I have added alternatives to the firmware.
Thats why you can enjoy the databses from TuneIn, Live365, Rad.io, Tuner, HomeRadio, Steamcast etc. etc.
This makes sure that you should always be able to find a working stream for the station you like.

On the other hand, just like improving the firmware, this website can be improved as well.
Suggestions are welcome for both. If you like to contribute anything (thoughts, code, graphics.. whatever..) contact me directly at voyager2003@zonnet.nl to see what we can do..

One of the things I am thinking about is a way to get rid of the doubles. Stations often advertise a working URL for media player, winamp, aac, realmedia etc. and often also advertise high and low bitrate versions.
Right now those are seperate entries, we try not to take all.. but having an aac and non-aac + hi and low versions is not really bad.. and that means 4 entries.
Which in terms of functionality is great.. but in terms of listing and user friendlyness is not so great...







Posted by ppvw Message # 3     Posted at March 3, 2013, 2:20 pm,     subject: Live Radio Liste  
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Today im looking for a new radio station ... and weltsender WorldStations doesnt work anything. only Shoutcast stations ar working. The 10 stations in the radio are still runnin but i cant get the list fron germany. Podcast stations are the same problem ! (odys inst box and watson co... )
Posted by penbex Message # 4     Posted at March 3, 2013, 6:58 pm,     subject: Live Radio Liste  
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I am working on a solution.. Keep an eye on the frontpage.