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Posted by penbex Message # 1     Posted at March 12, 2013, 8:24 am,     subject: Lenco IR-1650  
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The Lenco IR-1650 was supported by a database that was located behind the Radioslots.com portal.
The hardware looks like a clone of the Reciva boards created by Yusan, Shenzhen.
The Radioslots server vanished rendering the IR-1650 useless.

Yusan did not respond to any requests made when the Radioslots server was still operational and are still not responding.
Yusan is still selling an Internet Radio device with model number "TH-RIR200". it is not clear what portal powers this device but I would not count on a great service.

There does not appear to be any IR-1650 firmware files around to work on.
After Radioslots.com died, Lenco offered to take back the IR-1650's that still had warranty on them.
If you have one and no warranty then you are out of luck.
Lenco did not want to work on a firmware solution to bring these radios back to life with our server.

- stay away from Lenco based Internet radios.
- If you find a Yusan TH-RIR200 (see below) walk away and buy some other brand.

The Yusan radio is sold as
- Audiovox RIR200 (Canada)
- RCA Infinite Radio RIR205 (USA)
- Acoustic Research ARIRC200 (Europe)
One of the portals for these devices was rcainfiniteradio.com.
Another one is internetradioeurope.com
History repeated itself and these sites vanished.

The Audiovox support site carries the following text:
From its inception, the Personal Portal for Acoustic Research Infinite Radio Systems was managed by a 3rd Party Partner. Unfortunately the Personal Portal has experienced problems that are beyond our ability to repair. We understand and want to assist you in fixing any issues you are experiencing.

The following URL would still work if you already have an account:

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