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Posted by Rince Message # 1     Posted at May 12, 2013, 6:34 pm,     subject: Ideas for home automation  
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I'd like to start an own thread just for ideas, what could be done with the IP interface

1. Sending text massages to the radio

2. Send a command to the radio, to play a certain audio or picture file (incl. from a network share)

3. Send the name of the actually played file (picture eg) to a server

4.Capture any IR code (raw) and send it to a server

Just a few ideas
Posted by herrmannj Message # 2     Posted at May 12, 2013, 9:54 pm,     subject: Ideas for home automation  
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I really would like to see some sort of integration of your great firmware in a home automation environment based on fhem. Let me outline the idea to help sort out it a bit.

From my point of view this radio device are optimal suited as part of a larger home automation system because they are widely and affordable available in various colors and shapes and therefore a unobtrusive part of the installation. Always connected to the network, build with large screens, audio output and often anyway present. And last but not least, meant to work in conjunction with server - or stand alone as alarm clock in case of network or server outage.

So let me draw a case I can imagine (and there are for sure much more)

Alarm clock in bedroom:

one important feature would be the synchronization of weak-up time with the fhem installation, so if time set via internet radio the fhem server knows when to start heating up the bathroom, start the wake-up light, open up the blinds and so on. And vice versa, if the wake up time is set in other ways or by some automatic function, the alarm clock knows when to start sounding.

Furthermore it would be nice to be able to make some simple settings from the device, ie setting the temperature in the room, change basic home modes or to activate the burglar alarm.

And then, there are a lot of advanced features to boost the fun. For example signaling voice calls or security breaches at night, signal the doorbell and even show a picture of a ipcam for baby monitoring or surveillance in case of events.

Although this may sound complicated to implement, I belief it isn't. Of course there are different ways to achieve this  functionality, and they have to be discussed, I would like to suggest a very simple approach:

Remember that the home automation server doing the work behind the scenes, like switching blinds, dim up light or control the room temperature.

If you could provide a way in your great radio firmware to display server generated images (server side push) and also reporting back rc keystrokes and events like actual music title finished, the entire menu trees for fhem operation modes could be served, pre-rendert by fhem (and probably other home automation systems).  Additionally it would be required that the automation server has access to some basic device functions, like setting display brightness (night mode), volume, starting and stop playback (online source, local mp3 or maybe ipcam if the format can be handled).

I'm absolutely aware it is a little bit out of scope regarding your call for network remote support, but on the other hand it opens up a door for a much wider and deeper integration in your living environment, and a lot more fun to deal with .


Posted by ritchie Message # 3     Posted at May 23, 2013, 7:15 am,     subject: Ideas for home automation  
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I am using the FHEM system as well and still trying to find a way how to show information in a normal day envirement.

A web radio (I would like to by the HMT370) looks like a good way (and easy for my wife) to show information.

I would like to have at least the posibility to show status informations (alerts, noticed,) at the screen of the radio.

Later on, if possible, the interface for remote control can be improved.

Best regards


Posted by betateilchen Message # 4     Posted at January 15, 2014, 8:58 am,     subject: Ideas for home automation  
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Feature Request:

remote command to control the alarm clocks, at least to switch them on and off with preconfigured parameters (e.g. command = ALARM1ON, ALARM1OFF, ALARM2ON, ALARM2OFF)
In further development, it would be great to even set the alarm parameters from remote.

My purpose:

I can receive emails from local railway if my train to go to office is late. Today the train was delayed about 1 hour.
Because of the email, my home automation knows about this delay. In theory it would be possible to

1. switch off the active alarm-clock1
2. switch on the alarm-clock2 that can be pre-configured 45 minutes late than alarm-clock1 
3. send a message to device to inform about the delay.


I think we should discuss the development of a real API with usefull responses from device. 
Simulating the remote control buttons is an easy thing, but there are a lot of more ideas ...
Posted by penbex Message # 5     Posted at January 15, 2014, 12:44 pm,     subject: Ideas for home automation  
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Given some of the issues we had in the past with the alarm it is not my favorite piece of code to make changes to

As for making more home automation changes, anything is possible ofcourse.
Same rule as with any other request applies: it needs to make sense, have some added value and be something that multiple people would use.
I can only spend my scarse bit of spare time once so lets get the discussion going on what people want/need and we will decide on what is best to add and in what order.


Posted by betateilchen Message # 6     Posted at January 15, 2014, 2:26 pm,     subject: Ideas for home automation  
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and that is the reason why this feature request was posted here, as this thread is intended for collecting ideas

But at least a switch on/off for the alarm clock should not be a big peace of code change, I think.