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Posted by pascalt Message # 1     Posted at August 11, 2014, 5:43 pm,     subject: Neon KW-1004  
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Dear all,

I have a Neon KW-1004 and despite the upgrade made to the latest firmware (Kw-1004-, New Generic KW-1004 firmware) access to i-Radio is rather painful: most radio stations lead nowhere, while others send an error message, and so on.

Actually, I'd like to retrieve my favorite country radio stations. However, Shoutcast does not function any longer and so, finding country radios via radio locations is (nearly) impossible. Hmm... what to do??

Is there another way out to proceed?

Question: did I install the correct firmware for my device? If not, what firmware should be set?

Thanks and regards to all,

Posted by penbex Message # 2     Posted at August 18, 2014, 6:02 am,     subject: Neon KW-1004  
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Shoutcast support has been broken for a while now. Penbex is out of business since 2011 and they never released the sources for the shoutcast module. Fixing it would cost a lot of time and work and it is unlikely that i have the time to work on that. Besides that, it is not needed to listen to stations. 

What is done with the latest firmware modifications is to make the devices work with our server/database so that e penbex radios (incl. the neon) can play radio stations again.

There are however some things to keep in mind, we can not make the radio play unsupported formats like AAC. The hardware is not fast enough for that. While you will find many AAC streams on the website, they are not shown on the device.

Then there are some other issues with the penbex firmware. Some playlist formwats are incorrectly identified. This can be easily solved but requires some testing fby people with a penbex radio. Since we support many hardware brands, stations are added and maintained also by people that have a non penbex radio and they can not test if a station plays on the penbex. 
For example, when adding an mp3 stream most people would mark it as such. But since the penbex has these issues, it needs a pls or m3u setting to be able to play the stream as it can not identify this on its own. Non-penbex brands have a proper detwction and play the streams anyway. The epenbex neds some finetuning withf this. That is the reason why Streams are listed but giving errors when tried to play. In some country lists there are active penbex owners who corrected the stream settings. On other country lists this is not so much the case due to lack of participation of owners. 

If you know how to find stream url's you can become a moderator. Otherwise, just post what stations you need and we get them fixed.