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Posted by Philipsz Message # 1     Posted at February 28, 2015, 9:44 am,     subject: AGK 10372  
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While it was a good and cheap Wi-Fi radio, the AGK 10372 does have a few drawbacks:
Firstly, the radio is connected to ”Well Land” Station List Server (not currently available), there seems to be no listing for this anywhere on the Internet.
It is not possible to add station urls or change the server list.
There are long periods when it is not possible to connect to the server, making it impossible to add new stations to the presets, or use the tuning function.
There are only four presets, far too few when there are thousands of available stations.
No support from AGK Nordic.

Website: www.agknordic.dk

Well Land Station List Server
The Well Land Station List Server from which this radio receives a station list, seems to be totally dead.
Connection to the server was last checked on February 26 2015.
It is still not possible to connect or add stations, the ‘Cannot connect to Server’ message appears. AGK offer no support, so currently the receiver is useless.

If you know of anyway of reprogramming the receiver, or how to add stations, please drop me a line.