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Posted by angelranger Message # 1     Posted at May 9, 2015, 10:57 am,     subject: How to use My Favorites with a Penbex type radio  
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For new users of the updated Penbex firmware, some good news!

My Penbex based radio, Cobra CIR 2000 A (USA model) died as a result of the default server being ended. By downloading the firmware to replace the factory installed version now useless (upgrade available on this website under Files-carefully follow instructions!)  you will be able to access the listenlive database. See forum posts also to solve problems. OK - got it going?  Good job!

Now since you have created a username and selected your style (Penbex=Yes) hardware under User Settings (see drop down menu above) when you select Internet Radio on your device select WorldStations. Under WorldStations you will see Locations and My Favorites. Under My Favorites you will see a list of all the usernames of those who have selected Penbex=Yes in UserSettings. This is because your updated firmware is now seeing this database and specifically Penbex type radios. Your user name will appear. You do not need a pincode with Penbex based radios. Select your username. 
See it ? OK great   
Now, let's save your favorite stations to your very own radio. Above is the LiveRadio drop down menu. 
This brings you to the list of all the stations in the database. Search at your leisure. Let's choose the Ambient category. On the fourth page we see Healing Music radio. Click on the name. The next page displays information about the station provided by whoever added the link. Upper right corner there is a player. Click play button to make sure the link is working. If you hear the music, it is working. Now select the Add to My Favorites heart symbol. A pop up will ask if you are sure you want to add. Select "Yes" if you wish. Note: you may need to go to the UserSettings above and refresh your favorites at the bottom of the page under "Experiencing Problems With My Favorites". 

Now back at your radio, when you select InternetRadio>WorldStations>My Favorires>your username>
you should see the station you saved as an Add to Favorites. Click OK button to play. On my radio if I hold OK button for a few seconds while playing it will display Saved, meaning that station is also saved in the Favorites category in the InternetRadio mode. There are 10 channels available in my Cobra 
CIR 2000 A model. Now you know how to save your favorites right from this web radio database to your personal radio at home.  Remember, sets and sub-sets are what make the whole thing work!   Voila!
Be Healed, Get on Your Groove, and don't forget to consider making a donation to those whose hard work has kept the Penbex devices in operation.