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Posted by drdr Message # 1     Posted at January 12, 2016, 2:06 am,     subject: HLS workaround  
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Since mplayer doesn't properly support HLS streams, I was looking for a workaround. I found one, although it does require hardware. I am using a Raspberry Pi which  I already owned, but a $25 hackable NAS can also be used (as well as a PC).

Take a look at minimstreamer, which is an optional part of minimserver. It's pretty direct to install. At least for now, it's free... he'll accept donations' of course. It works pretty well and doesn't use many resources. The author is very responsive.

After the software is installed, you create a file with the stream URLs. The software then presents the list as UPNP, so that the LL Media Player can play them.

It can be done without UPNP as well, using the Internet Radio instructions on the same page. I thought that it didn't work, but it does.


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